Hello there! My name is Laura and I’m from (very) rural Pennsylvania. I love baking, DIY-ing, eating, drinking wine and traveling….and… I can’t wait to share it all here with all of you! I love to talk…haha… so I figured that a blog would be a great thing for me.

Oh, just so you all know…. I’m not a very good speller… I got that from my Dad.

I grew up in central Pennsylvania at home with my Dad, Mom and sister…. and a cat named kitty-kitty (original, I know). I love my little hometown. It’s where I belong.

I attended the same school from K-12 and my graduating class was about 76 people… I think. I could be off by a couple. Needless to say, everyone knew everyone. It’s a place where your friend’s mom was your first grade teacher and your other friend’s mom was the band instructor. As a mom now, I love it and feel very comfortable and blessed to be able to send my daughter to the same school that my husband and I both graduated from.

After high school, I set off to college at The University of Pittsburgh, SDM where I received my certificate in Dental Hygiene. I’m a dental hygienist by trade and I did that for about 10 years. It’s a weird occupation, picking at people teeth. Do you know how many times a day someone told me they hated me?… does wonders for the self-esteem. (insert eye-roll).

After completing my education, I (reluctantly) headed back home to central PA to look for a job. I didn’t want to come back, I loved the city. I got a job soon after returning home ( thank goodness) and began my career. The summer I graduated, I met my husband.

I was invited to go to the beach with my best friend and on that trip I met her cousin. He was older than us so I really hadn’t had much exposure to him even though my friend and I had been friends since 1st grade. We even rode the same bus. Long story short, he liked me, I liked him. We dated. Now we’re married. YAY! He’s truly a blessing in my life. Our story is one that proves that God works in mysterious ways. I’m sure I’ll get into that someday. I told you, I like to talk.

I’m working on setting up this blog so that it is mostly cooking, baking and recipes but there will be personal stuff, I’m sure of it.

My husband I took a leap of faith about 3 years ago and bought a local restaurant. We did everything together until I got pregnant with little Miss. I was abruptly taken out of the restaurant picture due to severe hyperemesis that lead to regular hospital stays and now that she’s here, I’m a work at home mom. I’m blessed to be able to stay home with her and blessed to be able to work on this blog.

I look forward to sharing tons with you and hope to grow both personally and professionally!