5 Top Kitchen Tools

5 Top Kitchen Tools

Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s Friday already…. the days just keep going faster and faster. Our little lady turns one very soon so, I’m in party planning mode. I can’t believe we’re headed to ONE already! WOW! Anyway, this week’s 5 for Friday is my favorite kitchen tools under $25. I have a lot of “favorite” kitchen tools so I had to narrow this down and decided to do so with a budget. $25 seems fair. These are all my  personal favorites.

There are a lot of tools out there

Kitchen tools are a dime a dozen. Actually, no, they’re more like $15 a piece but, they are plentiful. Retailers sell all different kinds of tools very specific for a particular job. Sometimes, the best and most useful too is a high quality, sharp, knife. I think about this especially when I think about the fact that, years ago, my husband and I bought a “shrimp de-veiner”. It was rather comical to look at and, to be brutally honest, we NEVER used it. First of all, I hate breaking down shrimp so usually I buy them already peeled and deveined. Secondly, we don’t really eat shrimp that much anyway. I’m not sure what we were thinking.

Some gadgets are just that, gadgets. Do do do do do, inspector gadget…does any one remember that cartoon. I loved it. Some gadgets are really useful. (see number 4 in my list).

My 5 Top Kitchen Tools Under $25

  1. OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge can opener
    • I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal but, like #5 on this list, I tried a cheap one, hated it, and it broke in about 3 uses. This is so comfortable to use, sturdy and, leaves a smooth edge on the lid. You are actually able to put the top of the can back on if you need to. Now, it’s not like it’s re-sealed but it will “fit” back on. I like the fact the lid isn’t left with a sharp edge and therefore, doesn’t cut a whole in the garbage bag.
  2. Microplane grater
    • There really isn’t a substitution for this one. I feel like microplane really has a handle on this. I have a microplane box grater and a rasp grater (which I use all the time) and they are awesome. They are definitely a LOVE!
  3. High quality spatula
    • I hate cheap spatulas. I like something that is flexible but not too bendy and, easy to clean. Spatulas are something that I take seriously (haha). My dad had a turner/flipper/spatula that we call the “good spatula” because it was perfect. The way it felt in your hand, the ease as which it fit into a skillet. It’s kind of a joke that that will be the only thing of our parent’s estate that my sister and I would ever fight over lol. We really wouldn’t but it is a good flipper…perfect for eggs. I’m however talking about a scraper type spatula. The kind you use to clean out the mixing bowl. I can’t stand scraping out a bowl that probably had raw eggs in it, and not being able to pull the spatula apart and clean it. One piece units are nice too. Here and here are the ones I like.
  4. Vegetable Spiralizer
    • I like this hand-held one that OXO makes. It wasn’t too expensive and I bought it when I first started limiting my carbs. I didn’t want to spend a ton because I wasn’t sure how much I would use it and I didn’t want it to be huge because we have limited space in our kitchen. This is perfect. It’s easy to use, small and relatively inexpensive. I completely believe in buying quality and I also believe that more time than not, you get what you pay for. OXO is a good brand in my opinion. It does take a little practice to get nice, long zoodles but, it’s worth it. I love replacing noodles with zoodles. Is it the same as fettuccini? No, but it’s a nice alternative.
  5. Kyocera Peeler
    • I love this peeler. It has a ceramic blade and an ergonomic handle that makes peeling a breeze. ( I sound like I sell these lol) The cutting area can be twisted to make it peel sideways or up and down which I like when I do butternut squash. Seriously, like I said, my husband comes from a big family so, when we host a holiday, this baby comes in handy. We’re talking peeling 10lbs of potatoes for mashing. The first one we had did break while I was peeling a butternut but it wasn’t the blade, it was the doohickey that help the blade into the handle. I thought, oh well, I’ll just get a cheapie from our local mega-mart. (shaking my head) I should have known that was a bad idea. First, it was super uncomfortable to use. I think I peeled one potato and my palm was hurting. Second, and kind of luckily, it broke during it’s first use. I was kind of glad because I knew I hated it and now I could buy a replacement Kyocera. We ordered ours here. Do use caution as ceramic is VERY sharp. This seems obvious and is a good thing but I think sometimes people feel a false sense of security because it’s not a traditional knife/metal blade. It’s still very sharp, that’s why it’s peeling and or cutting.

I totally support buying high quality items. They may cost you more initially but, they are cheaper in the long run. If I had just bought the Kyocera peeler instead of trying a cheap one, I would have saved that $5. It’s not that much but it’s a point well made.

I hope you enjoy this week’s 5 for Friday. There are a ton more kitchen items that I love but maybe that will be good for another day.