A Trying Tuesday

A Trying Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and It’s already one of “those” days. I just feel like I can’t seem to catch up. I usually feel like I’m playing catch up… hurry here, hurry there, hurry up and do this or that, just to get it done. On these kinds of days I realize, I need to slow down and be deliberate in my actions. I realize I need to prioritize my duties in my mind to make sure I’m moving in the right direction. It’s like making a mental list. Sometimes, I need a physical list. Actually written down on paper. It’s kind of like the story of the mom that never gets anything done… You start in the kitchen because there’s a mess on the counter, you wipe said counter but in the process, there is a canning jar that needs to be taken to the basement. Once in the basement, you see the giant pile of clothes that you sorted but haven’t had time to put in the washer, so, you start doing that and oh yeah, there is a dryer full that needs folded yet…and so on and so on, you know… this is me!

Like I said, what works best for me is a list. I have made some lists for myself to help me with keeping up. I like schedules and lists….they keep me comfortable. Here goes:

Sunday and Monday are for Family, these are the days our restaurant is closed so these are the days we spend together. I try to really relax and enjoy on these days so there’s no “big cleaning” but I still do my “every day” stuff.

These lists are also for light, up keep. I don’t have lists that involve heavy duty cleaning but I might have to make some.

Every Day:

  • wipe kitchen counters
  • sweep or vacuum kitchen floor
  • make sure all dishes are washed or at least in dishwasher and ready to be washed by the end of the night. I feel like having a clean kitchen sink in the morning really makes my day better. I dislike immensely not being able to get to my coffee maker due to a huge pile of dirty dishes. ( Its happens because I get lazy and don’t follow my own rules) Trust me… IĀ need my coffee. šŸ˜‰
  • wash baby bottles (kind of specific but this is what I do lol)
  • laundry (piles of laundry)
  • I also wipe all sinks down daily just the faucet handles and under my soap dispenser because


  • vacuum downstairs carpets and hard floors
  • mop kitchen/downstairs half bath


  • vacuum upstairs floors
  • clean toilets


  • dust downstairs ( I hate dusting…hate hate, double hate, LOATHE dusting. I don’t know why, I just do)


  • dust upstairs
  • vacuum upstairs and downstairs again (we have a dog) this is more of a spot cleaning
  • vacuum steps (pain)


  • I don’t have anything specific for this day. This is when I try to have a catch up day if there is anything I’ve missed or put off. Sometimes I just like to use this day to play with my daughter and watch food network!

I truly want my home to be “company ready” at a moments notice. Now, we do have a young daughter and a dog and we live here so there are toys that can be seen and sometimes there is mail on the kitchen table but, aside from these things that I believe to be normal, I don’t want to be embarrassed if someone stops by for a visit and needs to use the toilet.

These are my lists. I hope this helps you to create your own list. Use this as a “jumping off point”. I don’t always follow these. They are more my “ideal” and if you know me, I’m pretty far from “ideal” hahaha… but, I try. That’s why today, I’m behind the eight ball. I don’t know where that saying came from but I might have to investigate!

* Disclaimer… these are my goals in a perfect world…. I don’t live in a perfect world. šŸ˜‰